The design process for Powerful Decisions consisted of cleaning up the original prototype and then several weeks of back and forth between our team and the Peoria Parks District to better tune the game for their purposes. Animations, specialized art assets, and background detail were being added up until the final week development.
Most of my work on the project involved implementing UI assets, creating the settings menu, and loading screen. I handled the programming that enabled the player to change the window size, toggle fullscreen, volume control, and several other player settings. I designed and implemented the loading screen. The fun facts, looping waves, and spinning magnet were of my own creation. The loading screen itself helped space out the gameplay and let all the players prepare to fulfill there gameplay roles. Various parts of its design were intended to accomplish this task such as the "press any button to continue" prompt.
The game is still being used by the Peoria Park District and we've had to address a few post development requests such as a custom timer setting and a change to the way the game balances the various endings.
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